simple one! |tap| ❤️
if you’re looking for hope this is your sign that you are loved & cared about deeply. 🤍
Have the most peaceful week loves - you are sunshine to so many people’s lives, keep going 🦋✨💗


simple one! |tap| ❤️ if you’re looking for hope this is your sign that you are loved & cared about deeply. 🤍 Have the most peaceful week loves - you are sunshine to so many people’s lives, keep going 🦋✨💗

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ps. I took this picture two weeks ago! How beautiful is creation 😍😍
This is so pretty!! And aahh the pic, such a nice place 😍
holy moly it’s Haley
what a nice holiday surprise :)) I’ve missed you! this is so cool! i love the layering of text and this photo is on another level!
This is so pretty
ooh this is pretty!
it’s a really good picture!
This is beautiful! And the caption 🥺❤️
OMG tyy!! ♥️
and this pic is beautiful too
I just found ur acc and it’s amazing! I would love to be pc friends and happy holidays! hru!
this is so stunning! i love how it’s a simpler collage that showcases the picture
Omg your back I've always loved your collages! The picture is amazing as well. I hope we can be friends I'm Lucy!
aww tysm! ur so sweet!
ofc! btw i’m aurora it’s nice to meet you!
this is beautiful! I’d love to chat sometime!
beautiful 🤩 like all your other collages 💖
i’m Dianne! would you like to be friends?
i’ve been loving your acc for ages 🤗❤️
I love the message of this collage, it’s so encouraging!
stunning! glad to see ur back 💕
tysm for the likes! your collages are the definition of extraordinary talent! 💞
thanks for the spam xx 💞
I love your text on all of your collages 🌸
Your name is so pretty and thank you that means a lot!!
thanks for the spam of likes! that means so much from you!! ❤️
I’m glad to see your collages again! they were one of my biggest inspirations when I first came!
I’m Laura, hbu?
I’m also sorry if I was annoying in the past, haha. I remember I was too excited when you liked one of my collages, so sorry!!
Your collages are all so amazing, I’m excited to see them again! I’d really love to be friends! I’m Brianna, hbu?
Heyyy hru! your collages are amazing and tysm for the spam of likes! you have so idea how much this means to me!💕
I am so glad to see your collages, it always has been an inspo for me!
I’m Dora,wbu? and would you like to be friends?
all the text in your posts are amazing lol🌱
Hii you are amazing!
this is stunning!!! all your collages r amazing and your talent with text is 🤭😍
omg tysm haylee!🫶 hru doing today! and you are amazing too🥹
this is so pretty!
I’m roxy! would love ti be friends!
I’m obsessed with ur acc!!! why are u so talented??? teach me ur ways!!
oh my gosh thank you so much!! I am so glad to see you’re a born again sister too!!
hayleyy hii!! thank you so sm 😌🫶🫶 missed u too! how have you been??
this is beautiful btw!! and ur photography skills came thru 😤🤲🤲
hi Hayley :) decided on a whim to pop on PicCollage tonight for the first time in a very long time. I saw your comment and it made me very happy! so happy for you to start your journey post-graduation. Embrace these next few years of your life as the most exciting yet. embrace the change, and the learning curves, and the opportunities, and the struggles, and the successes. 💛
Hey, sorry for the late response, I’ve been on a bit of a break from socials. I’m good and it’s summer here too 😂 so I’ve really been enjoying the beach and sunshine!☀️ Hope you’ve been doing well Hayley!
Also tysm much for the follow, it means a lot 🥹 xx
pls follow me
hi I’m new come check out my account
oh my gosh thank you so much you are so sweet ❤️ would you like to be friends?
aw that’s ok! i’ just drop in randomly haha 🙃 ♥️
ahh tysm xx
This is breathtaking! love the vibe 💗
love that! life’s been a lil stressful lately, but I’m getting by! in uni right now tho and that’s been a big change but it’s rlly nice here :))
oh my gosh! I just saw ur comment and it made my day! thank you so much this means the world to me!
would y like to be friends?
this is gorgeous! the picture is amazing 🤍
hey girl miss u sm
hey hru??
hi hailey, hru? I missed you 💕
sooo pretty
yay! how’s it going?
you so kind!
your a big noob
hello Hailey, hru? x
hey I know we haven’t really talked much…. I just wanted to say your account is seriously gorgeous and you deserve everyone of your followers and so many more! your account really inspires me 🫶🏝️
that’s absolutely wonderful! I’m alright, feeling like an emotional wreck at the moment. pc helps though, with all its incredible people. in real life I’m feeling isolated. enough about me, what have you been up to lovely? 💗 💗💗
haileyyy! hru? 💕
hi girl! hwru I LOVE IT AND I MISS YOU 🩷💕🙊 you have great collages!
omg it’s been so long 🥺 how have u been?
tysm for the spam and follow!!! 💛 you have been my idol on Pc ever since I joined, so it means a lot 🥹✨🫶
oh my gosh!! I accidentally just unfollowed you, re following you now! 🫶😭🥰🤣
hi hi I’m new;) does anyone wanna be friends??✨🎀
hey hru?
Hello I’m new come shack out my account! I have six siblings.
I meant check out my account.
Hey sorry for copy and paste… Your account is gorgeous and I would really love if you check out mine! Thanks!! 🙏 👍💛
hey Hayley, hyd??? x
this is stunning💓
would you like to be friends by the way? I always loved your account<3
miss you Hayley! ❤️
hey I’m cat and check out my new blog! 🩷
super late reply but thank you!
this is beautiful as well :)
so pretty!!! plz come check out my account! I’m new here!
Plz follow me!!!!
hey how are you Hayley? 💕