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2•17•24 💐 (pc wouldn't show my caption on my collage so i had to put it in the comments) woah its been a long time lol... anyways idk who will see this because it seems like a lot of people left pc but how are yall doing! i hope yall are doing well!! 🤍
I'm a little rusty so i know this collage isn't my best work lol
WOW THIS IS GORGEOUS!! your account has always been one of my biggest inspirations here on PC, every collage you make is literally perfect & flawless, you have so much talent.. ♡ would you like to be friends by the way?🫶🫶
i’m so glad you’re back :))
@caption: you’re not rusty at all hahah this is absolutely gorgeous
this is amazing i’ve missed your kind comments and your gorgeous collages so much!!
how are you doing?!???
I think I changed my name after you left: I was legolas_is_mine / tom_holland_is_mine (goodness i’m glad that phase is over)
Doesn't look rusty at all, so pretty 😍
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cute!(new post()
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