sorry everyone, I thought this posted a week ago but it failed to post!
anyway, this is just a simple collage because of the 50 scrap limit 🤷‍♀️ Does anyone have tips for stress? I am currently super stressed about assignments but can’t help procrastinati


sorry everyone, I thought this posted a week ago but it failed to post! anyway, this is just a simple collage because of the 50 scrap limit 🤷‍♀️ Does anyone have tips for stress? I am currently super stressed about assignments but can’t help procrastinati

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@caption idk exercise? lol sozz
woahhhhh this is absolutely amazing!! love this so much💓
and some tips for stress, maybe listen to music?
So pretty! Breathe! Make a to do list and be sure to stay on top of it! If you have a lot of work, balance and time management is important! Don’t forget to take breaks while studying too!
This is amazing Hayley! 💕 How are you?
For stress it helps to always BREATHE! Take some time off your assignments and unplug. Even if you truly have a lot to do UNPLUG for an hour. Additionally talking to someone really truly helps!! :)
this is super pretty! @caption I understand that! maybe taking a walk will help? honestly, I don’t really have any tricks but my dad he exercises when he’s stressed:)
this is lovely
and stress?? idk tbh I’m stressed too. I guess just try to get some good breaths in and think abt how a lot of other ppl are probs stressed too so ur not alone. try to find a break in ur day or week to just calm down and rest.
beautiful 😻
@caption honestly i would help but i need some tips myself 😂
love this!
@caption I usually read or listen to music or joke around w/friends to relieve stress. releasing so much built up stress over something usually helps me to return to it with more patience and therefore makes it easier to cope with :) if that helps
ohh very pretty!
@caption I like to sit and read a good book, or put on some softer, calm music as I work
I know lol😂
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this is gorgeous. and I'm pre good. I tend to stress eat a lot but I'd recommend listening to music ??
absolutely gorgeous Hayley!
this is gorgeous 🌿
love this stunning 😱💗
I know the feeling I’m literally a stress ball all day everyday 😂🙈💓I try deep breathing, maybe taking a break or listening to music but yeah stress is a huge downfall especially for me. hope your assignments go well, if you’re ever procrastinating take a break refresh go for a walk as you’ll probably not do much revision when you’re mind is wondering and stressed. you’ll come back ready to work and refreshed ❤️💗
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wow this beautiful Hayley it’s stunning
hope your assignments go well x
I would recommend taking breaks regularly and listening to music maybe? I’ve been stressed out so much lately as well
this is sOOO PRETTY
thank you! ❤️
of course Hayley! ☺️💫 I’m doing well, what about you? 💓
aw love you!! and I’m doing overall rlly well, but I might have to move and I’m rlly not feelin that.
how bout you sis?
this is so pretty Hayley! we haven’t talked in literally forever so you probably don’t remember me but how are you? 💕
thank u!
thank you ! <3
aww thank youuu and yess I do!! Mines scatteredflora
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I LUV DIS!! omg you’re so good! also, when I’m stressed, this sounds weird but I go outside and stare at the sky. it calms meh down somehow. hope this helps <3
this is actually so pretty💓
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this is so cute!❤️ happy spring! xx
drink tea read book draw (even if it’s ugly) sleep hug your mom eat potatoes make up yourself look at you in the mirror and say “I’m beautiful” hope you feel better !
You are so talented!!
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this is amazing!! when I’m stressed I normally just think about the good things I say everything’s ok and I’ll be fine, I hope that helps!!
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gorgeous posts😍... I would say go out and do stuff with friends or fam and forget about assignments for a while. Definitely DO NOT go on ur phone.
For me... my phone is what creates stress and makes me feel sick knowing I have wasted so much time on it. Hope this helps💞
this is very touching
so cute
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take time to breathe and put away your phone and procrastinating just makes it so much more stressful
Hey friend I am finally back!! school is done and summer is started. hope you have been well ❤️ miss ya and hope we can reconnect soon (:
hey missing you sm Hayley
Love You
you are sooo inspirational
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so pretty! this is gorgeous keep doing what you’re doing it’s stunning 💕
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I actually love thissss
it is so true which are you going to do